Monday, May 24, 2010

random thoughts..

1) the last time i saw my boyfriend he complimented me on my eyebrows? what the eff is that all about? like, seriously, i feel like i should be a testimonial for the little indian woman who threads them on the cheap (read: $6-i wasn't joking when i said cheap).

2) i can't stop listening to serena ryder's cover of "the funeral", originally sung by the band of horses. (the original is great too!) yes, it was played in the season finale of gossip girl (can you say guilty pleasure?). i think i might be the only twenty-three year old that still watches, which is honestly a bit pathetic. it's not like i can even say that i watch for the fashion anymore because along with the plot, even that has gone downhill (photo evidence below). serena is dressed like a skank 24/7. blair wore a hideous green capelet thing that she would never be caught dead in. and nate and dan both have a severe problem with wearing too much flannel plaid. enough with the plaid! that being said- like the OC (r.i.p.), the first season was so good that i got hooked. and now i just feel like i have to see how all the characters that i love to hate turn out. speaking of hate-who is glad that little twit jenny was banished to hudson?! good riddance, taylor momsen and your black eye makeup.

                "hmm, which strip of fabric shall i wear to hang out in B's room?"

                "i'm so sad not because chuck doesn't love me but because i look like asparagus."

"i'm a vanderbilt but if i dress like a hipster from brooklyn (aka dan)/a lumberjack maybe people won't think i'm just a poor, miserable little rich boy."

3) i have become obsessed with spin class. like, i live for it. i always feel so good walking out of the class and it's truly a great workout.

4) i used to be a bookworm but lately all i've been reading is trash (i.e. chick lit and nicholas sparks novels). i'd like to think it's a temporary thing- any good worthwhile book suggestions? send them my way, s'il vous plait.

5) i need some blog posts that don't involve lists.. well, for another day.

xoxo ML

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